Welcome to AI Security Group (AISec) @ OUC

AI Security Group (AISec) is under the institute of Artificial Intelligence, Ocean University of China, led by Prof. Junyu Dong and Dr. Yuezun Li. The research interest of our group mainly lies in computer vision, DNN security and multimedia forensics. We currently focus on fighting against the newly raised security threats introduced by advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, such as falsified multimedia, the vulnerability of DNN models, etc.


We are looking for M.S. students to work on AI security and computer vision. Please drop us an email if you are interested.


One paper on DeepFake detection is accepted by MIPR 2022.   New!

Detection-by-Simulation: Exposing DeepFake via Simulating Forgery using Face Reconstruction.

One Book chapter on DeepFake detection is publised on Handbook of Digital Face Manipulation and Detection, 2022. Springer.   New!

Toward the Creation and Obstruction of DeepFakes.

One Book chapter on DeepFake detection is publised on Deep Learning-Based Face Analytics, 2021. Springer.

Obstructing DeepFakes by Disrupting Face Detection and Facial Landmarks Extraction.


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